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Vasara 50, Tartu 50113


Vasara Autokool OÜ (10241957)
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Courses In English

Vasara Autokool an oppurtunity to become a driver in Estonia, but to study fully in English. The whole official curriculum involves studying theory online in Liikluslab.ee environment, 6 academic hours of auditory lectures (3 lectures, 1.5 hours each) and 16 hours of mandatory first aid course. Mandatory driving is at least 30 lessons of driving (45-minutes each, including dark time driving and slippery surface driving). The price of the whole course is 1110 euros . It is important to understand that our price includes all that is necessary for completion of driving school. If you compare our price to other schools it should be taken into account that usually dark time driving, slippery surface driving and first aid courses are NOT included in the price but they will be forced on you later (because they are mandatory in Estonia).

Our office and classroom is at Vasara 50, Tartu. You should enter the building from the end of the house that does not face the stadium (from the side of Tähe street, not Vasara street) and follow the signs "Vasara Autokool". Our office is open from Monday to Thursday from 3 PM to 6 PM.

For further information:

vasara.autokool@gmail.com or

(+372) 51 877 11

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